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  1.   Bear Stearns Companies Inc. (No longer traded - Historic bail out by the Federal Reserve) - Delaware  
  2.   Countrywide Mortgage Obligations, Inc. (Became Countrywide Financial Corp bailed out by Bank of America) - 1986  
  3.   Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. (Pre Bankruptcy and Delisting)   
  4.   Panama Canal Stock dated 1880 - Ferdinand de Lesseps  
  5.   WORLD PAPER MONEY COLLECTION - 25 Different - Includes a Saddam Hussein Bill  
  6.   Jacob Little signed Certificate - Original Great Bear of Wall Street - 1851  
  7.   Buckeye Steel signed by President George Bush's Great Grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush 1927  
  8.   German Nazi WWII Bond 1938 - Uncancelled  
  9.   San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Bond - 1935 California  
 10.  Hoboken Ferry Company hand signed by one of the Lehman Brothers (Emanuel Lehman) - 1897  
 11.  Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith - Old Quotron Vignette (To be acquired by Bank of America)  
 12.  Framed Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company 1898 - Original Dow Jones Industrial Average  
 13.  International Mercantile Marine 1920's - White Star Titanic Ship Owners  
 14.  WORLD PAPER MONEY COLLECTION - 200 Different - Includes Saddam Hussein 100 DINAR NOTE  
 15.  Iraq Bond 100 dinar 1986 - Saddam Hussein Vignette