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American International Group, Inc. - AIG Insurance - Federal Reserve Bailout Company
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Stetson U.S. Cowboy Hat Company

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Lehman Brothers One William Street Fund (Vignette of Lehman Brothers Headquarters )

1861 - 1865
Civil War Bonds


American Salvage Company - Organized just after Lusitania Sinking - New York 1918


Jacob Little signed Certificate - Inventor of the Short Sale, Convertible Bond and the First Great Bear of Wall Street - 1851


RARE Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works (Made 1st Pontiac Car - Early GM Company) - Pontiac, Michigan 1907

Wells Fargo Mining Company - Virginia District, Story County, Nevada 1879

E. Remington & Sons (Remington Arms Company )

Ilion, New York - 1882

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New England Telephone & Telegraph Company signed by Theodore Vail (First President of AT&T) - New York 1883

Bear Stearns Companies Inc. (No longer traded - Historic bail out by the Federal Reserve) - Delaware
Bear Stearns Companies Inc. (No longer traded -
Historic bail out by the Federal Reserve) - Delaware

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Big Four Gold and Copper Mining (Signed by Car Maker John W. Henney and Remick Music Corporation Founder, Jerome H. Remick) , Lake. Leadville, Colorado 1899

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith - Old Quotron Vignette (To be acquired by Bank of America)

First National Bank of Seattle ( Became Seafirst Bank, now Bank of America) - Territory of Washington, 1884

Countrywide Financial Mortgate Obligations

Countrywide Mortgage Obligations, Inc. (Became
Countrywide Financial Corp bailed out by Bank of America) - 1986
Westinghouse Air Brake Company Check signed twice by George Westinghouse 1872 Buckeye Steel hand signed by President George Bush's Great Grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush 1927

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