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3 Mile Island - Babcock and Wilcox Corp Stock
3 Stocks - Planes, Trains and Titanic-W0W!!
@NICE Historic WWII Japanese War Bond
@NICE Union Carbide Bond
@NICE WWII Romanian Army War Bond
Abacus Vignette - Lectro Management Stock
Abbott Laboratories $10,000 Bond
Accomack Storage Company Stock Certificate
Acme Coal Mining Company Stock Certificate
Admiral Radio Corporation Stock Certificate
Air Products and Chemcials Stock Certificate
Alantic Richfield circa 1967
Alaska British Columbia Metals Company STOCK 1921
Alexander Manufacturing Toilet Vignette 1881
Allied Chemical Corporation Stock Pre Merger
Amercian Banknote Company Stock Certificate
American & Foreign Power Gold Debenture - Due 2030
American Air Lines $5,000 Bond Certificate
American Asbestos and Fireproofing Gold Bond
American Cable and Radio Corporation in 1948
American Can Company Bond Certificate
American Can Company Bond Certificate
American Commonwealths Power Corp Stock 1930
American Dredging Company 1876 - 1897
American Dual Vest WPG (WEISS, PECK & GREER) Mutual Fund Stock
American Exchange Irving Trust Stock
American Express Travel Department
American Express Travel Department
American General Insurance Company Stock
American International Bowling Corp - Unissued Specimen circa 1958
American League Ball Club of Chicago White Sox circa 1941
American Locker Company Stock Certificate
American Merchants Union Express Company circa 1868 - 1869 signed by William Fargo
American News Company Stock Certificate
American Security and Trust Company Washington DC 1893
American Standard
American Standard Inc Stock Certificate
American Standard Inc Stock Certificate
American Sugar Company Stock
American Sugar Refining Stock - Original Dow
American Sumatra Tobacco Stock 1922
American Telegraph and Telephone Company circa 1950s
American Telephone and Telegraph Bell Vignette
American Tobacco Company Indian Chief Vignette 1960's
American Wire Fabrics Company 1918 - 1919
AMF Company Stock - previously known as American Machine and Foundry
Anaconda Mining Company Stock
Anglo Palestine Bank Stock 1948 - Israel
Anheuser-Busch Bond Certificate
Appalachian Power Company Stock Certificate
Argentina Fundamental Credit Bond 1920
Associated Laundries of America 1930
Associated Laundries of America with Vignette 1930
AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Stock
Austrian Bonds circa 1906
Auto Heli-Coil Corporation Stock
Autobus Bond Old Bus Vignette 1924
Aviation and Space
B.F. Goodrich Tire Company Bond Certificate
Baltimore 6 1/4 Cent Note 1857
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Old Train Vignette
Bank of Bengal Stock Certificate - India 1899
Bank of Charleston Stock Certificate 1890's
Bank of Commerce Civil War Era Slave Vignette
Bank of London and Mexico Bond 1905
Bank of Missouri note signed by St. Louis founder Rene Auguste Chouteau 1817
Bank of New York - Irving Bank and Trust Company 1930's
Bank of New York - Irving Bank and Trust Company 1930's - 1940's - Orange
Bankers Trust Company of Philadelphia 1928
Bankers Trust New York Corporation
Bankrupt French Panama Canal Liquidation Bond dated 1889
Bankrupt French Panama Canal Stock dated 1880
Banks and Exchanges
Banque Industrielle de Chine - China Industrial Bank 1913 - 1920
Beales Blue Book of Travel - Europe
Beatrice Foods Bond Reddi-Wip Whipped Cream
Beaver Creek Distillery Stock Certificate
BIG BLUE IBM Stock Certificate
Blue Ridge Corporation Stock - Lion vignette
Bodensee Und Rhine
Bolsa Chica Oil Company - California
Borg Warner Corporation Stock Certificate
Boston and Albany Railroad Company
Boston and Maine Railroad Company Stock
Boston and Maine Railroad Company Stock 1955
Boston Electric Light and Power circa 1894
Boston Elevated Railway Company Stock
Breakfast Brownies Company
British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
Broadway Joe's Namath Stock Certificate
Broadway Joe's Namath Stock Certificate blue
Browning-Ferris Industries Stock
Buffalo Montana Mining Company Stock
Buffalo, Niagara and Eastern Power Stock 1926
Bulgaria State Bond 1941
Bulgaria ZORA - Razgrad, Society for Trade and Industry Stock 1921
Bulgarian Red Cross Debt Certificate 1912
Burlingame Telegraphing and Typewriter Company 1908
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern RR 1876
Burroughs Computer Corporation Stock - Green
Burroughs Computer Corporation Stock Brown
Butler Aviation International Stock Certificate
California - Chicago and North Western Railway System
Calumet and Helca Mining Stock
Camden Warehouses Stock Certificate
Canada Copper Mining Corporation 1920 - 1921
Canadian Export Gas and Oil Co Stock
Canadian National Railway Corp $1000 Bond
Cardinal Petroleum Corporation 1920's
Carolina Power Company Stock Certificate
Casinos De France Stock Certificate 1911
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System Stock
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System Stock NICE
Celanese (Hoechst) Corporation Stock
Century Ribbon Mills Stock Certificate semi nude vignette
Certificate of the Month Club - One Year Subscription - Silver Membership
Certificate of the Month Programs
Chase Manhattan Bank Corporation Stock
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Stock
Chessie Railroad Company Stock
Chicago, Indiana & Southern RR Gold Bond 1906
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company
Choctaw,Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company 1898
Chrysler Corporation 10,000 Bond Certificate Pre
Chrysler Corporation Bond Certificate Pre bailout
Chrysler Corporation Bond Certificate Pre bailout
Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company Bond Certificate
Cinema Halls Stock Certificate 1907
Cinerama Stock - Famous Movie Process
Cities Service Company Zero Coupon Bond
Citizen Watch Certificate in German
City of Baltimore 25 Cent Note dated 1857
City of Great Falls Water Works Bond circa 1898
City of Lynchburg. Virgina Civil War 1862 - 90 Cent Note
City of Philadelphia - Loan circa 1875 - 1887
City of Philadelphia 1859
City of Providence $5,000 Plantation Bond 1894
City of Providence Gold Bond 1934
City of Providence, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations - 1894
Cleveland Indians Stock Certificate
Cleveland, Cin, Chic WALBASH Gold Bond 1891
Cleveland, Cin, Chicago RR Company Bond 1893
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Gold Bond 1890
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Gold Bond 1893
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Coin Phones, Inc Stock Certificate
Collection Receipt, Baltimore-R. Purviance-not signed by Purviance circa 1798
Colonizadora De La Guinea Continental, S.A. Spain 1930
Colts Patent Fire Arms circa 1943
Columbia Airlines Early Unissued
Columbia Graphophone Manufacturing Company circa 1920
Columbia Technical CTC Stock Certificate
Columbian Conservatory of Music 1928 - 1930
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Bond
Comet Mining Company of Utah Stock 1883
Compagnie Des Claridges Hotels Bond Certificate - Paris 1921
Compagnie Francaise Telegraphe de Paris a New York - 1879
Compagnie Francaise Telegraphie San Fil d'Applications Electriques - 1906
Compana Trasatlantica circa 1913 SOLD OUT
Companbia Colonial de Navegacao 1922
Comptoirs French African Bond 1925
Computer Applications Stock Certificate 1970
Consolidated Edison of New York Bond 1949
Consolidated Natural Gas Company
Consolidated Water Co. of Utica N.Y. 1920's
Consortium International Cinematographique 1928
Continential AirLines Bond Certificate
Copenhagen Handelsbank A/S Certificate
Copy Data Systems Stock Certificate
Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May Bond 1913
Corning Glass Works $1,000 Bond -Glass Blower
Corning Glass Works $10,000 Bond -Glass Blower
Coronation Mining Company Stock
Costa Rica Railroad circa 1888
Coty, Inc. Stock - Famous Perfume Maker
Crader Oil Company Stock FW Texas 1940's
Creditul Minier Cert Nice Vignette Romania 1923 - W@W
Cuba Railroad Company Stock Certificate 1943
Cunard and Anchor Lines Ireland Travel Brochure circa 1928
Cunard Line
Curtis Wright Corporation circa 1981
D. H. Baldwin Piano Company Bond Certificate
Dakota Copper Company Gold Bond 1914
Dalhousie Copper Mining Company of Nova Scotia 1879
De Beers (Diamonds)Consolidated Mines Shares
Detroit Edison Power Company $10,000 Bond
Deutche Bank Certificate in German
Deutche Bank Finance Certificate in German
Diamond International Corp Stock Certificate
Dome Mines Limited Stock Certificate 1940's
Dow Chemical Company Bond Certificate
Dresden Bond circa 1918
Duke Power Company Bond 25,000 13 Percent
Duquesne Traction Stock of Pittsburgh 1893
Durant Motor Car Company - 1925 -1931
Durant Motors Shares Syndicate 1932
E.M. Thomasson Producing Oil Company 1938 - 1939
Early Aviation Aeropostale Bond 1927 - 1929
Early Aviation Curtis Wright Warrant 1929
Early Cartridge Television Company Stock Certificate
Early Euro Disney
Early French Aviation Stock Certificate 1918
EARLY Minerva Motors Bond 1925
Early Nazi War Bond 1936 Uncancelled
EARLY Paris International Films Stock 1927
Early Rare Connecticut Telephone Company 1881 Stock Certificate signed by Marshall Jewell
East Magdalena Exploitation Co Stock 1908
Ebay Auction
Ebay Credit Card Processing - Secured Server
Edison Illuminating Company of St. Louis - 189_ Unissued
Edison Illuminating Company Stock 1890's
Electric and Musical Industries Limited Company EMI Records
Elektrowatt AG Certificate - (Swiss Company now owned by Seimens)
Elgin National Watch Company circa 1928
Ellington Farmers Telephone Co Stock 1910
Ellington Farmers Telephone Company Stock 1910
Empire Food Products Uncancelled Gold Bond
Equity Funding Bond $1,000 Huge Wall Street Scandal 1970s
Equity Funding Bond $5,000 Huge Wall Street Scandal 1970s
Eqyptian Wine Bond - Societe Viticole et Vinicole d Egypte
Eversharp Pen Company Stock Certificate
Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares
Falcon Lead Mining Stock 1926
Famous SCHINE Chain Theatres Stock 1928
Farmers and Exchange Bank Charleston, S.C. Five Dollar Note 1850' - 1860's
Federal Street & Pleasant Valley Passenger RR 1890's
Federal Title and Trust Company Beaver Falls
Fifteen Park Row Corporation Gold Bond 1932
Follansbee Steel Corporation Stock Certificate
FRAMED Early I.M.M. Titanic Owner Stock Certificate s/Franklin
FRAUD - Canadian Javelin Limited Stock Certificate
Free Scripophily Screen Saver
French Rand Gold Mining Stock 1909
Fuji Electric Certificate in German
Fulton County National Bank - Unissued 18XX
Fulton County National Bank Stock 1930
Gardner - Denver Stock Certificate 1960's
Garner Magno Electro Machine Company Stock
Gas Light Company of Waverly circa 1900
Gaumont-Franco-Film-Aubert Stock 1930
General Electric Company Bond Certificate
General Foods Stock Certificate
General Motors Corporation Stock circa 1980s
General Telephone 5,000 Bond
Georgia Pacific Corporation Bond
German American Coffee Company
German Bond (Pre Nazi) - 5000 Mark 1922
German Nazi War Bond 1938 Gchuldverfchreibung Hundert Reichmark
Germany - The Rhine Steamers
Gold Bug Mining Stock - Oregon Gold Mine
Gold Membership - Certificate of the Month Club
Gold One Year Membership - Certificate of the Month Club
Graham-Brown Shoe Company Stock, Texas circa 1911
Gray Telephone Manufacturing Company Stock
Great Atlantic and Pacific Co. Stock
Great Falls, Montana - Special Improvement Bond 1913
Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation
Great Sweet Grass Oils Limited
Green Mountain Coal Company Stock, Pennsylvania circa 1864
Greyhound Western Racing Stock Certificate
Gulf Oil Company $1,000 Bond 1960's
Gulf States Utilities Stock Cert 1960's
Haiwee Pacific Oil Company Stock 1910
Hamilton Fire Insurance Company
Hanover Insurance circa 1976
Harlem Independent Hygeria Ice Company
Hawthorne Mines Stock Certificate Nevada 1920's
Hershey Oil Corporation Certificate
Hertz Corporation Bond Certificate
Hill Pierce Oil & Refining Stock 1919 - 1923
Hilltop - Nevada Mining Company Stock Certificate
Historic Europe Common Market Stock 1960's
Historic Monmouth Park Jockey Club Stock Certificate
Historic WWII German Nazi War Bond 1941 100 Reichsmark
Historic WWII German Nazi War Bond 1941 1000 Reichsmark
Historic WWII German Nazi War Bond 1942-43 1000 Reichsmark
Historic WWII German Nazi War Bond 1944 100 Reichsmark
Homestake Mining Stock Certificate
Homestake Mining Stock Certificate
Homestake Mining Stock Dakota Territory Indian Vignette signed by James Haggin 1880
Hospital Corporation of America Stock Certificate
Houdini Motion Pictures signed by Harry Houdini circa 1922-1923
Houston Oil Company
Houston Oil Company of Texas
Hovermarine Corporation Stock Certificate
Hovey Electric Service Co Stock - Unissued
Howard Johnson Company
Hydraulic Steel Company Stock 1920's
HydroCarbon Chemicals Stock Certificate
Ice Cream Company Bond - Washington DC 1928
Identcorporation, Inc Stock Certificate
Ignacio Rodiguez Mining Company, Mexico 1910
Illinois Central Railroad Company
Income Oil and Royalty Company, Colorado circa 1931
Independent Mutual Insurance 1856
Indiana Bell Telephone Company Bond
Intercontinent Petroleum Stock Cert 1931
Internal Revenue Brewers Tax Certificate
Internal Revenue Tobacco Tax Certificate 1880
International Mercantile Marine Stock Certificate dated 1915 - Titanic Owner signed by Philip A.S. Franklin
International Mercantile Marine Stock Titanic
International Mercantile Marine Stock Titanic Owners
International Minerals and Chemical Stock
International Resistance Company Stock 1963
International Silver Company Bond Certificate
International Standard Electric Bond
International Telephone and Telegraph Stock 1930's
International Telephone and Telegraph Stock 1957
Invitation to Capitol of New York in Albany circa 1879
J. Paul Getty Check
JC Penny Company 25,000 Bond Certificate
Kaiser Frazer Automobile Corporation, Nevada circa 1946 -1947
Keller-Dorian Cinematography Stock 1928
Keystone Ranger Developong Oil Company 1922-1924
Kingdom of Greece Bond 1898
La Blanca Mining Company, Mexico 1922
La Maquinista Maritima Spain 1948
Laclede Gas Light Company, St. Louis Stock-not issued circa 1890s-1910
Laclede Gas Stock - Original Dow Average 1896 - Unissued
Lake Copper Company circa 1919 signed by William Paine
Lake Shore & Michigan RR Bond Vanderbilt 1897
Lear Jet Corporation
Lectro computer Leasing Stock - Abacus Vignette
Lehigh and Lake Erie RR $1,000 Gold Bond
Liberty Radio Chain Stores Stock Certificate
Liggett and Meyers (L&M) Cigarette Company
Lincoln Motor Company circa 1922
Lionel Corporation Stock Certificate 1959
Lionel Corporation Stock Certificate 1959
Lisbon Valley of Colorado Uranium Co Stock
Little Miami Railroad Company 1850s thru 1860s
Loews Theatres Bond Certificate - L. Tisch
Loma Prieta Mines Company Stock 1917
Long Island Lighting Company Bond 1953
Los Angeles
Louisiana Consolidated Mining, Nevada 1921
Louisville Bridge Company Stock Certificate
Lucky Boy Consolidated Mines Company, Nevada
Mack Truck Corporation Bond Certificate
Macon and Brunswick, Ga Civil War Reconstruction 1867
Macy Department Store Bond - Pre Bankruptcy
Madison Square Garden Corporation Stock
Magma Copper Mining Stock Certificate WWII
Manhattan Giant Mining Company of Tonopah, Nevada 1906
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company circa 1913
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company circa 1913
Martin Marietta Corporation Bond Pre Merger
Masey - Ferguson Limited circa 1977
Masey Ferguson Farm Equipment Company
Mattel Toy Company Stock Certificate
Mattel. Inc. Toy Company Stock Certificate 1971
May Department Stores circa 1953
Mayflower Hotel Company, Washington DC circa 1925
MCI Communications Corporation Bond
Medi Card Inc Stock Certificate
Merrill Lynch circa 1972-1973
Merrill Lynch circa 1976
Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph circa 1912
Mexican Telephone Company Stock Certificate
Michigan Central Railroad Bond circa 1854
Michigan Central Railroad Co GOLD BOND 1902
Michigan Central Railroad Gold Bond 1902
Midwest Texas Oil Company 1923
Military Appointment circa 1816
Military War Bonds
Mining Stocks
Miscellaneous and All Other
Mississippi River Fuel Corporation
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company signed by Jay Gould
Mitsubishi Electric Certificate in German
Monsanto Company 9 1/2 Percent Bond Certificate
Montana Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada Stock Certificate
Morris Transport Service of India 1942 with nice vignette
Mosser Oil Corporation, Washington 1955
Multibestos Company Asbestos Manufacturing
National Airlines Stock Certificate
National Airlines Stock Certificate -NICE 1960's
National Distillers and Chemical Corp Bond
National Family Stores Stock - Depression Era
National Sweepstakes Corporation Stock Certificate
National Tea Company Stock Certificate 1935
Navigation on Danube Stock NICE VIGNETTE
Nazareno Mining Company Bond 1910
Nevada ( Las Vegas) Power Company Stock Certificate
Nevada Power Company Stock Las Vegas Power
Nevada-Ophir Mining Company 1924
New England Oil Corporation Stock
New England Telephone and Telegraph Bond
New York Bottling Company 1927
New York Central & Hudson River H Gold Bond
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad GOLD Bond 1898
New York Central Railroad Company 100 Year Bond dated 1913
New York Central Railroad Company Stock
New York Emergency Unemployment Relief Bond
New York Loan for Canal Improvements
New York Telephone Company Bond Certificate
New York, Ontario and Western Railroad Gold Bond 1905
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Company - Huntington Printed Signature
Newport News and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company handsigned by Collis P. Huntington
NICE - Lion Match Company Stock Certificate
NICE Alaska-B.C. Gold Stock Certificate
NICE Egyptian Irrigation Bond 1899
NICE EMI Records Stock Certificate 1969
NICE Limited Edition XPRIZE Space Print signed by Artist
NICE Maryland Trust Company Stock 1901
Nickel Plate New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company
Nippon Electric Company Bond circa 1969
Nisarc Computers Ltd Stock Certificate 1969
North American Aviation
North American Co - Original Dow Average 1896
North American Co - Original Dow Average 1896
North American Edison Company 1930's
North American Edison Company 1930's
North American Philips Electronics Stock
North American Power and Light Stock circa 1930s-1940s
North American Rockwell Corporation Stock
North American Rockwell Overseas Corporation Bond
North Butte Mining Company Stock Certificate 1910
North Carolina Telephone Stock Certificate
North Central Republic Airlines Stock
Northern California Water and Power circa 1911
Northern Liberties Gas Company Stock 1858
Odd Fellows Hall Association - Washington DC
Ohio - Ranger Oil Company Stock 1924
Ohio Power Company Stock Certificate
Oil and Gas
Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway Company 1874 - 1875
Oil Creek and Allegheny River Railway Company 1875 - 1876
Oklahoma City Building and Loan Association - Home Make Happiness 1923
Old Burning Tree Country Club of Washington DC Certificate
OLD Louisiana Baby Bond Certificate 1886
Old National Bank of New Brighton Stock Certificate
Old Paper Money / Notaphily
OLD VIGNETTE Ford Int'l Bond Certificate
Omark Industries - Blount International Stock Certificate
Onieda Silverware Stock Certificate
ORANGE Amercian Banknote Company Stock WWII
Oregon & Transcontinential Co $1000 Bond 1882
Orient - American Mail Line
Orpheum Theatre Circuit Stock Certificate - Brown
Orpheum Theatre Circuit Stock Certificate - Green
Orpheum Theatre Circuit Stock Certificate - Orange
Otis Elevator Stock Certificate
Owens Corning Fiberglas Bond Certificate
Pacific Coal and Transportation Company, Maine Gold Bond 1901
Pacific Employees Insurance of California circa 1930s
Pacific Smelting and Mining Company 1916
Pacific Steamship Company circa 1931
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph $1,000 Bond
Packard Motor Car Company Stock
Packard Motor Car Company Stock Certificate Orange
Pan Am Stock during four decades 50's - 80's
Pan Amercian 100 different Certificates 1960's - 1970's Red
Pan American Airways Corp Stock Warrant 1947
Pan American Airways Corp Stock Warrant 1947 BLUE
Pan American Sulphur Company Stock
Pan American World Airways - Pre Bankruptcy
Pan American World Airways circa 1958
Pan American World Airways circa 1970s
Panificadora Popular Madrilena 1916
Paramount Pictures Corporation Stock w/vignette circa 1950s-1960s
Parke, Davis and Company 1960s NICE Vignette
Pathe - Baby Stock Certificate
Pathe Freres Phonograph Stock 1912
Penn Central Railway Company - Pre Bankruptcy
Pennsalt Chemical Corporation Stock Certificate
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company 1932
Pennzoil Corporation 1,000 Bond Certificate
Pennzoil United, Inc. circa 1975
Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad 1856
Peoples Bank -Pennsylvania circa 1902
Pepsi Cola United Bottlers Stock circa 1960s
Perfect Photo Inc Stock Certificate
Pet Incorporated circa 1970s
Pet Incorporated Stock Certificate
Phelps Dodge Copper Mining Corporation Stock
Philadelphia and West Chester Turnpike Road Company 1850's Unissued
Philadelphia and West Chester Turnpike Road Company issued 1850's
Philadelphia Bourse - Stock circa 1899
Philadelphia Bourse - Stock circa 1942
Philadelphia Transportation Co. Stock 1943
Philco Radio Corporation Stock Certificate 1960
Philips Electronics N.V.
Phillips Petroleum Oil Company Bond
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation circa 1960s
Pillsbury Company
Pillsbury Company
Pioneer Steamship Company 1915
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad 1923
Pneumatic Rubber Heel Company 1919
Polaroid Film Corporation Stock Certificate
President Hotel Company Gold Bond- circa 1930
Professional Framing - Collectors Frame A2000
Professional Framing - Collectors Frame C2000
Puerto Rico International Airlines
Pullman Company Stock Certificate circa 1920s
Puritan Mining Company, Idaho circa 1906-1929
Quality Professional Framing
Quinby Oil Corporation 1927
RAMBO Carolco Motion Pictures Company Bond
RARE - Early Connecticut River Steamboat Company Passenger Ticket 1831
RARE - Eastern Airlines Ticket Validator Stamp
RARE Founders shares from the Canal Interoceanique de Panama date 1880
RARE New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line Inc. (later part of Pan-American Airlines) Early Aviation 1931
Rayette - Faberge Stock Certificate 100 shares
Reading Fair Company Stock with unusual vignette of 3 Cows 1916
Reading Railroad Company
Reo Motor Car Company signed by Ransom Eli Olds
Republic of China Note 1914 Shanghai Note
Researching Old Certificates
Retail and Clothing
Rexall Drug and Chemical Company Stock
RJR Nabisco KKR buyout Converting Debenture
Rocket Jet Engineering Company
Rocket Jet Engineering Corporation - 1962 - Cuban Missle Crises era
Romanian Army Bond - WWII 1941
Romanian Azuga Beer Factory Bond Certificate 1923
Romanian Banca Mizilului Bond
Romanian Bee Bank Bond Certificate 1922
Romanian Glass Transilvanian Factory 1941
Romanian Government WWII Loan Bond 1941
Romanian Star Oil Company Stock Certificate
Romanian Steel Industry of Resista
Romanian Swiss Bank
Romanian Telephone Stock with coupons 1938
Royal Dutch Petroleum Company Stock
Sacony Mobil Oil Bond w/coupons circa 1963
San Francisco
Schering-Plough Corporation Stock Certificate
SeaTrain Lines circa 1945
Security Pacific National Bank Bond
Serbia Government Bond 10 Dinars 1888
Shell Oil Company Bond 1970 - 1973
Shulton Old Spice Maker Stock Certificate
Signal Oil and Gas Company Stock Certificate
Simmons Bed Company Stock
Sinclair Oil Company Stock Certificate
SKY French Cordless Telephone Construction Company 1931
Smith Brothers Inc. circa 1953
Societe des Mines BELGIAN CONGO Certificate
Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes and Telephones Sans Fil 1901
Societe Francaise Des Telegraphes andTelephones Sans Fil 1903
Societe Franco - Russe DE Produits chimiques & d'explosifs (Franco - Russian Society oF Chemicals & Explosives) 1910
SOHIO/BP Trans Alaska Pipeline Bond Certificate
SOLD OUT - Eqyptian Wine Bond - Societe Viticole et Vinicole d Egypte
SOLD OUT - New York and Harlem Railroad Company
Somerset Plantation Stock Certificate 1924 L@@K
South Porto Rico Sugar Company Stock
South Utah Mines and Smelters Stock Certificate 1909 - 1914
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph
Southern California Water Company
Southern California Water Company
Southern Nevada Power Company
Southern Nevada Power Company Stock Certificate
Sperry Rand Corporation - UNIVAC Maker
Spiegel Catalog Corporation Bond Certificate
St. Louis - San Francisco Railway Co Bond
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Corporation Stock Certificate
Stadium De Paris Olympic Sports Stadium Certificate
Stafford Meadow Coal Iron City Improvement Company 1858
Stammaktie uber 50 Wurste der Munchner
Standard Oil Company Bond Semi Nude Vignette
Star Production Co. circa 1923
State and Local
State of Hawaii General Obligation Bond
Stetson Hat Company Stock Certificate 1914
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad Company Stock circa 1854
Studebaker Corporation Stock Certificate
Studebaker Corporation Stock Certificate
Studebaker Packard Corporation, Michigan circa 1950s
Studebaker Stock Certificate
Studebaker Worthington Stock Certificate
Student Loan Marketing Association - Sallie Mae Bonds
Sun Oil circa 1969
Sunburst Oil and Refining - Montana 1926
Sunray Mid Continent Oil Company
Tabard Inn Corporation 1904 Stock Certiifcate - Old Inn Vignette
Tacoma, Washington - Lumber Capital of America- circa late 1940s
Takoma Park Ice and Ice Cream Company Bond, Washington D.C. 1928
Taxis - Citroen Car Company Certificate 1924
Television Industries, Inc Stock Certificate
Tenneco Corporation 10,000 Bond
Tenneco Corporation Subordinated Debenture
Texaco Oil Company Bond Certificate
Texas American Syndicate Oil Gift Cert 1929
Texas Southern Oil and Gas Stock Certificate
The American Thread Company
The Collins Radio Company which was issued in the 1960s and 1970s
The Cuba Company Stock
The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company
The Durant Motor (Star) Motor Company of New Jersey Corporation 1928
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company Early Auto Stock
The Grand Union Company Stock
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
The Hertz Corporation circa 1976
The International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation in 1934 for 100 shares of capital stock
The Land Bank of Egypt 1905
The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company Gold Bond 1898
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock
The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company PLDT
The Porto Rico Telephone Company in 1961 for 75
The Reo Motor Car Company 1920's
The Southern Railway Company
The Teton Petroleum Company
Thiokol Chemical Corp Stock -Famous Rocket Company - Challanger Failure
Thomasson Prospecting and Development Company - Colorado
Times Mirror Company Stock Certificate
Titanic IMM Preferred Stock 1920's - White Star Lines Owner
Tobacco Products Stock Certificate 1927
Trans Empire Oils, Stock 1950's ( CanDel Oil Ltd)
Trans-Beacon Corporation Stock - Lighthouse
Travel Brochures
Tribune Oil Corporation Stock Certificate
Tucker Automobile Corporation Stock Certificate - 1947
Tucker Corporation Stock - 1947
Tung-Sol Electric Tube Company Stock Certificate
TWA Bond
Union Carbide 25,000 Bond
Union Pacific Corporation - Orange
Union Pacific Railroad Corporation Stock
United Air Lines
United Aircraft Corporation circa 1977
United Airlines
United American Mining Company, Arizona circa 1928
United Artists Theatre Circuit Stock
United Cigar - Whelan Stores Corporation circa 1944-47
United New Jersey RR and Canal Co Stock 1924
United Printers and Publishers
United States Lines Stock circa 1940's
United States Steel Company circa 1948
United States Steel Corporation 1,000 Bond
United Technologies Corporation Stock
University Computing Company $5,000 Bond
UOP (Universal Oil Products) Inc Stock Certificates
USF U.S. Financial $1,000 Bond Certificate
Vacumn Refrigeration Company circa 1918
Van Camp Packing Company 1930
VIEILLE CURE DE CENON - French Wine 1952
W.T. Grant Company Preferred Stock signed by Grant
Washington Gas Light Company - Nice Vignettes
Washington Market Company circa 1920's
Washington Post circa 1970s
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1915
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1920's - Blue
Watervliet Paper Company Stock 1940's
West End Con. Mining Stock Tonopah, Nev 1927
West Indies Sugar Corporation Stock Certificate
West Shore Railroad Company 400 Year Bond
West Shore RR Co 475 Year Bond S/Depew 1885 - Original JUNK BOND!
West Side National Bank of Yakima Washington
Westafrikanische Pfanzungs-Ges. Berlin
Western & Atlantic RR 25 ct Bank Note 1862
Western & Atlantic RR 50 ct Note 1862 ATLANTA
Western and Atlantic Railroad Confererate Civil War Bank Note 1862
Western Maryland Railway Company Stock
Western Union Telegraph Company Stock
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company 1913 - 1926
White Truck Motor Corporation Stock Certificate
William Simon Brewery of Buffalo Stock
Wisconsin Bell Telephone Company Bond
Wisconsin Edison Electric Company Stock 1914
Woods Brothers Corporation 1930s Dam Vignette
Woods Brothers Corporation 1930s Dam Vignette
Woolstenhulmes Rye and Company Limited 1876
World Exploration Company circa 1926-1931
WT Grant Company circa 1922
WWII Japanese War Bond
York Railways Company Stock Cert 1930's
ĪMPRUMUTUL DE INZESTRARE A TARII 4.5% 1934 Romanian State loan Bi Plane in Vignette



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