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See Stock Certificate Expert Bob Kerstein, CEO
discuss Stock Certificates in Bloomberg ,  the Associated Press ,
CNBC with Jane Wells discussing the Facebook IPO,
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Bob Kerstein CNBC
Bob Kerstein, CEO
on CNBC with Jane Wells discussing the Facebook IPO

Bob Kerstein, CEO

See Stock Certificate Expert Bob Kerstein, CEO
Inside Edition Story and
the Today Show Story

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Big Four Gold and Copper Mining (Signed by Car Maker John W. Henney and Remick Music Corporation Founder, Jerome H. Remick) , Lake. Leadville, Colorado 1899

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith - Old Quotron Vignette (To be acquired by Bank of America)

Audit Company of New York (Acquired by Price Waterhouse) - 1928

Countrywide Financial Mortgate Obligations

Countrywide Mortgage Obligations, Inc.
(Countrywide Financial Corp bailed out by Bank of America) Collateralized Mortgage Obligation - 1986
Westinghouse Air Brake Company Check signed twice by George Westinghouse 1872 Ballantine & Co. Brewery - RARE Certificate #1 signed 3 times by Robert Francis Ballantine - New Jersey 1900
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