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Collectible Stock and Bond Sales continues to thrive

Falls Church, Virginia., December 11, 2001 –®, a leader in the Collectible Stock and Bond industry, announced today that demand for its products continues to grow at record levels.   Sales of fallen Dot Com companies and New York related certificates have contributed to Scripophily’s continued success during current year. 


We have seen a 40% increase in sales this year compared to the same period last year.  Prior to September 11, 2001, the Dot com stock certificates were very popular.  Since September 11th, New York related certificates and patriotic items have become very popular.  The most popular New York related certificates are from Old Railroads and the Merrill Lynch Certificate with an image of the Manhattan Skyline including the World Trade Center.   Other companies such as Atari, Buckeye Steel signed by President Bush’s Great Grandfather, Pan American Airlines, Dr., Webvan, Penn Central, and Marconi Wireless have shown consistent sales throughout the year. 


“We are all very excited about our sustained growth over the past several years.    Consistent with our approach of prior years, we will continue to reinvest our profits into expanding our inventory, developing strategic relationships, expanding our distribution and providing quality customer service” according to Bob Kerstein, Chief Executive Officer.  “Although we had seen a drop off in sales for the month of September, we have seen a significant increase in sales in October through December to bring keep us on track for another record year”, Kerstein added.  


During the year we added over 1,000 new items to our retail selections.  In addition, we added old collectible postcards, citrus labels, cigar labels, billheads, Old Checks, and paper money to diversify our retail selections. We also expanded the distribution of our products through Ebay Stores where we were one of the 25 pilot stores selected by Ebay in May 2001.  We received addition recognition when Ebay mentioned as one of their Ebay Store success stories at their analyst meeting in October.   We also added our product listings to Go Antiques, which gave us addition distribution on AOL.


Our old company research service at has been very successful to our overall business strategy.  This service helps people find track down information on old companies to determine whether the financial securities they own have any redeemable or collectible value



SCRIPOPHILY (script-a-fil-ly) is the collecting of old stocks and bonds.  The word is half English and half Greek. It combines the word "scrip" which represents an ownership right and the word "philos" means to love.   There are thousands of Scripophily collectors worldwide.  Many collectors like the historical significance of certificates while others prefer their beauty.  Scripophily can be used to decorate homes and businesses and it makes a terrific gift.


Bob Kerstein founded in 1986.  Bob has been a CPA since 1978 and has worked as Chief Financial Officer and in other capacities for both Public and non  Public companies.  He is a finance veteran with more than 20 years experience in the communication and entertainment industries including Cellular, Satellite Communications, Internet Development, Cable TV, Motion Pictures and Professional Sports.  He is also the founder of Encyberpedia, and Cams2000.  He is also one of the founders of Angel Technologies.  Senior positions held by Kerstein include Cellular Chief Financial Officer at McCaw Cellular Corporation (Now AT&T Wireless), Chief Financial Officer at American Mobile Satellite Corporation, Chief Financial Officer at Falcon Cable TV Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Reporting at Warner Brothers and Chief Information Officer at Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment (owners of the Vancouver Canucks and Grizzlies).


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