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A good place to start is at to see if the company history is listed.  This can performed  by entering the company name in the search box below:

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You should also try the Securities and Exchange Commission Edgar Achieves by Clicking Here

Another good list of market securities information is located at Encyberpedia.   If you are looking for information on New York Banks, try the New York Bank History Site.



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Information and Research Sites

  •© - Information and links to sites about Scripophily News and Scripophily Shows around the world.  In addition, there is an online store at which has a huge collection of over 14,000 certificates and other Old Paper items with images.  Items can be purchased with the latest Secure Server Technology or by Mail.

  • - Terrific research service for finding our about what happened to the companies behind your old stock certificates .

  • The Collecting Network --Directory of Antiques, Collectibles, Auctions, News and Trade information. won the Editors choice award.

  • Liberty Loan Bonds - buys first Liberty Loan Bonds,  Second Liberty Loan Bonds, Third Liberty Loan Bonds and Forth Liberty Load bonds.

  • Stock Ledger - - The company buys old stock ledgers with cancelled and uncancelled stock certificates

  • Scripophily Collecting Ideas - Themes for Stock Certificate collecting by Bob Kerstein, CEO - Over the years, I have been asked what are some of the ways to collect Scripophily. Although there are so many reasons why people collect Scripophily, I thought I would start a list of some collecting ideas and themes that I have seen over the years.  We will be updating this on a regular basis.

  • Ask TheStreet: All About Scripophily Gregg Greenberg

  • New Rules will decrease the supply of Stock Certificates to collectors -  Highlights of Dematerialization and the Security and Exchange Commission’s new rules on destruction of certificates by Bob Kerstein, CEO

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  • GOLDSHEET Scripophily and Obsolete Securities
  • Hugo van der Molen - From The Netherlands. General Scripophily information: websites, collector's societies, databases, journals, agenda's, etc.

  • HWP-Info - Scripophily information from AMSTERDAM

  • Professional Scripophily Trade Association - PSTA.COM - An Association of Scripophily Dealers Committed to Quality and Customer Service

  • InvestorWords With over 5,000 definitions and 15,000 links between related terms, InvestorWords is a comprehensive financial glossary.

  • Museum of American Financial History - The main objectives of the Museum are to collect and preserve historical financial artifacts, and to research, organize, and display them in ways which bring the nation's financial history alive - to students, policy makers, the media, and the general public.

  • Securities and Exchange Commission - No-action to under Section 15(a)

  • Norwegian Scripophily Society - En forening for samlere av historiske aksjebrev, obligasjoner, fakturaer og andre finansdokumenter.

  • Old Paper Archives ( )- Large buyer of archives and hoards of all types of financial documents including specimens, issued and unissued notes, paper money, stocks and bonds.

  • PSTA.COM - Professional Scripophily Traders Association is a Dealer based organization founded in 2001 by Scott Winslow and Bob Kerstein to help foster and promote the hobby of Scripophily.

  • Society of Paper Money Collectors - was formed in 1961 and has over 1,750 members from around the world. Membership is open to anyone interested in paper money or related areas such as checks, stocks, engravings, and other fiscal ephemera.

  • Universal Autograph Collectors Club - The Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC) has been serving the collector for over 25 years. Founded in 1965, the UACC began as a small group of Long Island, New York autograph collectors and has grown to be the largest nonprofit collectors organization of its kind.

  • Washington Historical Autograph Certificate Organization (WHACO!) - A Terrific organization with a poorly designed website dedicated to develop and maintain an association for the mutual benefit of collectors of historic autograph and certificate material and to educate members on the field of collecting and the historical significance of material, and to promote the display of historical autograph and certificate material in historical buildings and museums, among other goals.

Dealers from around the world

  • - A leader in the area of Scripophily with an inventory of over 14.500 items with great graphics and historical explanations of the companies.  Items can be purchased with the latest Secure Server Technology or by Mail.  They also can gift wrap your purchases and send a personalized card.  A favorite site for Corporate and Executive Gifts! 

  • AuctionOne - Scripophily Auctions - A site dedicated to Scripophily auctions from around the world. 

  • Collectible Stocks and Bonds by Eric Drum - Eric does a good job on his site and is a fine contributor to the hobby of Scripophily.

  • Daly's Mining Shop - Historical western gold mining stocks & bonds

  • Frame-A-Stock - A Florida-based company called Frame-A-Stock Corporation is offering active company one share certificates for a truly unique gift.

  • Stefan Adam - Stefan's a terrific dealer and friend from Germany!

  • Bonds and More - Christian is Another terrific dealer and friend from Germany

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